Dolce & Gabbana S/S2012 Ad Campaign

This is my favourite Ad Campaign from Dolce&Gabbana for their Spring/Summer 2012.

I “edited” this – with no disrespect to the amazing work of photographer Giampaolo Sgura – simply to emphasis what made me fall in-love with this photo.

Look at the body language (which is Italians´ second language as not only I would say) : of ever sexy Monica Belucci: the hand gesture is typical Italian (the way I figure it, it says “listen carefully to what I´m saying”) and the facial expression (which says a lot of how serious she is). The elegance of how she stands in that fabulous outfit, the relax “famiglia” in the background and the whole Southern Italy atmosphere, are the reasons why this is my favourite.

This ad looks like a stolen shot from a family gathering yet made the Dolge&Gabanna clothes stand out, elegant, sexy and really appealing.

The series of photo ads are about ” The Italian Life”. Bianca Balti and Monica Bellucci soak up the sun in Dolce & Gabbana´s Italian orientated images. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura in Southern Italy, the images are all about family with a lively depiction of weekend activities. Wearing Dolce’s kitschy prints, lace detailing and sultry shapes, Monica and Bianca live it up in the picturesque setting.

An ad campaign which brings the designers roots to their fabulousness …. Another thing to love about Italians and Italy alike … and of course Dolce&Gabbana´s designs …

Watch this ad in action :!


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