Vibrant Colours, Patterns & Prints

It was snowing as I looked out of my bedroom window yesterday morning, followed by rain. The rain hasn´t stopped yet… Rain… utter rain this day has to offer me, so it seems. Looks like the weather forecast got it right after all. When I least hope it would.

What could possibly brighten me up on this gray, wet day, I wondered. Then a thought came to mind when my little girl brought me a “flower” she made of a paper napkin.

There is something good with this weather. I would like to believe that the rain helps flourish my garden, which will soon be covered with colors of grass, plants and flowers 🙂

Inspired by that thought, I´ve gathered some photos of fashionable and colourful clothes I like from this year´s Spring collection of various designers.

Colours… Vibrant colours, patterns and prints …..

Roberto Cavalli


Bottega Veneta


Peter Pilotto



Mary Katrantzou



Louise Gray

Matthew Williamson


Mary Katrantzou


Tommy Hilfiger

Hope this would cheer you up as well, even just a bit!

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