Green yearning …

The rain has stopped and it was a bright sunny day. The sun has disappeared behind the clouds but it´s still light outside. I managed to enjoy the sun sitting in the terrace for a short while (gathering my thoughts). Though it was a bit chilly, it was quite nice.

I should probably be just grateful for the weather but I yearn for more. If it is a human thing or just me, well you decide 🙂 All I know is that I yearn for green …. These greens in particular 🙂

Really good green tea … Those Lipton and Twinings green tea bags I have in the kitchen don´t quench my longing for it at the moment.

This green shade of MAC eyeshadow I love but can´t use on everyday basis without looking like a clown (because I´m not that good on putting make-up :-)).

I long for a new pair of shoes in green such as these Manolo Blahnik beauties from Autumn 2012 collection.

This Gucci 100% silk dress with back torsion and cut off effect, graphic side draping and emerald swarovski toggles with chain detail on waistband.

I’ve been dreaming of having long gowns from Giorgio Armani and Versace couture. These are my favourites from their Spring 2012 collections.

Prada bags in shades of green, such as these in the picture, and this Hermès ostrich bag (drooling :-))….. I don´t care what other people say. I’m a girl and I want – and need – bags in different sizes, shapes and shades of color!

Jewelries like this necklace from Erickson Beamon and earrings from Ana de Costa (work of art).

And I truly want to see this onboard green house of Y&S cruise ship.                    Read all about it at and see if you will not feel the same ….

Oh wait…. I think I´ve forgotten something…. If I am to suppress the yearning for

and so on and so forth ….. I have to put a VERY important “green” on my collage: DOLLARS ! I think it will not be enough to yearn for that. It needs to be earned, as well !!!!

Right…. off I go to do some serious EARNING 🙂

Till next time ….


Sorry, was about to publish this for 3 hours ago but duty called ….. The price of being a mom 🙂


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