Cherry Blossom Dream

I recently read some blogs which featured photos of cherry blossoms. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful they were…  how could I

Thanks to Ms. Jessica Korteman‘s blog, Cherry Cheer, for reminding me of yet another thing on my “must-see-list” that has almost been forgotten. This made me want to travel to Japan and experience this remarkable season next year 🙂

Tokyobling wrote on his/her blog Sakura at Yasukuni Shrine …

“It is sad every year to see the petals fall like snow but it looks great when they cover the ground in a pinkish white carpet.”

And I have to agree! Many people would most definitely want the blossoms to stay on the cherry trees much, much longer. But I can’t stop wondering how it would feel when the petals fall and swivel around me, caressing me with their softness as I walk on a pinkish white colored ground …

Imagine having that sensation and wearing creations such as these :

And of course, the outfit will not be complete without shoes and a purse like these beauties …

Won’t it be a fairytale like experience?


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  1. geeswords
    Apr 18, 2012 @ 17:50:03

    Thanks to:
    for the inspirations you’ve given me 🙂


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