Caribbean Themed Charity Event

I know, I know, I said that you could expect me to post a lot of photos from the Caribbean Event I went to on Saturday, the 5th. Ok, so I lost a week. Deeply sorry about that! But hey, I’m back 🙂

The Caribbean themed charity event of Likha Scandinavia was a blast! I got to be a part of it from the preparation the day before the event till Saturday midnight. I saw the rehearsal and the decorating of the locale. And it was fun !!!

handmade table decorations

The tables were set with decorations of flowers in red, yellow and aqua blue and dark green leaves in different shapes, all cut by hand.

stage panel and it’s designer

The stage was decorated with  simple yet stunning 2 panels, one on each side, with the same motif  but more elaborated. All handmade with love ( with a little help with the cutting and gluing ) by the ever creative, mind you, fashion designer Numer Exconde.

He took an early (as in EARLY 🙂 morning train on Friday the 4th all the way from Voss and let loose of his creativity and helpfulness ( with few hours of sleep ) till the event ended. All for love to the Likha group, his friends …

All the group members had their own assignments and I was stunned to see how much energy they had and eagerness!

I could hardly grasp how they managed to do everything (with just few helpers). To think that they all have full time jobs, private lives and families beside this. And the most amazing part of it all was that I couldn’t see a trace of all the hard work and lack of sleep on their beautiful faces! Does their makeup artist really do magic? Well … will go back to that on my later post 🙂 LOL 🙂

Hail to the amazing performers of Likha Scandinavia !!!

An incomplete group picture of Likha Scandinavia – with guests


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  1. numer exconde
    May 14, 2012 @ 17:33:57

    dear ms. Stubergh,

    So very kind of you to mention my name, but you didnt mention in your write-up that without your diligence and enormous hands-on participation , the backdrop panels wouldnt have been a reality….So, a big thanks to YOU my dear friend !!!!

    The charity event is truly a labor of love ( “blood-sweat-and-tears” almost !!! hahaha ) from all the beautiful people of Likha Scandinavia…..

    Let us not forget all the guests who shared the evening with us in the name of charity and goodwill !!!!

    Hope that i can attend the next……..A Moroccan-themed or a Polynesian-inspired gig perhaps ????? hahahaha

    Am missing u and the rest of the group,

    Yours truly,


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