Fashion Clash

As good Christian citizens here in Norway, we practice one of the seven sacraments through which Catholics pass in the process of their religious upbringing. It is called Confirmation and it’s generally done when kids turn 14.

I attended one on Saturday with my family and enjoyed it tremendously, esp. the food!

Even though the teenagers who surrounded me reminded me of  how old I have become, I still managed to blend and share the dance floor with them without feeling embarrassed 🙂 The crowd was a mixture of people in their early teens and adults whereas the youngest was probably in their late 20’s. Two colliding worlds joined together in such a joyful event!

Another clashing sensation in the party was these:                                                  As the  majority of those present during this event wore neutral coloured attires, these two beautiful ladies dresses in shinning bright colours clashed with the crowd and a total contrast to one another … yet together, they looked amazing!

I feel like wearing this colour combination next time I go to a party 🙂          Hence the latest trend … colour blocking!

Then these hair dos …

In this above featured photo, we have a classic:

hair slightly curled and pulled  on one side and held with a hairgrip embellished with pearls and small gem stones.

While in this photo below is totally modern:

approximately 10cm hair standing up on top of the head while the sides was razored to a military cut. Right at the back of the head, the hair was cut into strips and at the bottom was, I would say, round 30cm long braided ponytail 🙂

Yet posing together in the picture, they even looked kind of sweet 🙂

These featured accessories were no exception.While Grace (the person wearing these stunning accessories in the above featured photos) put a totally bling bracelet around her wrist, had a huge gem stone putting weight on her finger, a pair of golden Escada earrings as big as her ring and an ornate necklace in fine polished stones, which was hard not to notice, around her neck and down to her chest.

Me on the other hand (see photos below), wore accessories made not with any kind of stone but silver and leather.

There’s one thing though which was in perfect harmony that day…. something I’ve always admired and treasured… the family bond, the love and my relationship to this sweet, lovable and caring creature I called ‘friendship‘ (as well as the rest of her clan I’ve already met :-))

This day’s attire: H&M dress with vivid coloured stripes, Tiffany’s, Bulgari and other designer accessories, and my Nikon and iphone gadgets 🙂

Featured photo is courtesy by Lino Vasquez. The rest of the photos and all graphics are by yours truly 🙂


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  1. sheikhassecrets
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 06:43:54

    that is one gorgeous statement necklace!! wow!! love it


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