Flawless Summer LOOK

I’m not good in putting makeup. So for me to be able to create a good look takes a lot of time and effort – esp. with my face 🙂 It would take serious skills to make me beautiful … L.O.L. …

What I find the hardest is to create a flawless natural look which simply enhances the face without looking “all done”.

I found 3 articles, so far, about tips and tricks on how to create Natural Looks. Now I’m going to follow their advices and see which ones work for me.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of looks I’m dying to have!

Get Beautiful In No Time


Featured photo is courtesy of Chanel.

My goal this week is to share you some makeup & beauty tips from respected makeup artists. I’ll be posting the details about these photos next week. So stay tuned …..

Warning: pls. do try this at home 🙂



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arlann Umali
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 23:17:31

    For me fresh and natural look doesnt require u to be a rocket scientist to achieve this ..less is more and use color tints that are closest to your skin color..if your skin is dry, use cream foundation and if oily or combination, use powder. For the eyes, use light pinkish tint on the fold of your eyes and thats it, u can actually use the cheekblush for your eyes..eyebrows can be brushed upwards and use colorless mascara to hold the hair…curl your eyelashes and use colorless or brown mascara very thinly…blush should just be use on the apple of the cheeks and no contouring required on the side..use creamy lipstick or tinted lipgloss on your lips and to finish, just apply a very light loose powder…


    • geeliciousPassion
      Jun 19, 2012 @ 08:16:45

      Thank you so much for the advice @ArlannUmali !!! Deeply appreciate it 🙂 I’d surely try this and hope to get more feedback from you for I’m dedicating this week to makeup. Following posts regarding this “Flawless Summer Look” to come.


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