Flawless LOOK by Tammi Ireland

On Monday, I posted this: “Flawless Summer Look

I found 3 articles and even got a response from @ArlannUmali regarding this.

Well I haven’t found which tips & tricks that works for me yet. So I’ve decided to ask for your help!

Is there anyone out there who would want to try Tammi Ireland‘s tips regarding this post and tell me their opinion about it? I would very much like to hear from you !!!!

Well, this is what Tammi Ireland of covetedcanvas has written:

Preparation: First, you’ll need the tools.  Make sure you have handy a foundation brush, small concealer brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, two cotton buds, blush brush and some tissues (to cover those mistakes, should you make any).

Step 1: Primer

Rachel says your primer is like your protective barrier.  It will stop your foundation and other following products from sinking into your skin, making your makeup last longer and protecting your skin from foreign bodies.  Primers are silky, so they’re best spread on your face with a brush to make everything smoother.  Your foundation brush should suffice, so you won’t lose too much product to your fingers.  You should prime your whole face, bar your lips and only use excess on your eye area.  The new BECCA Illuminating Primer is fabulous!

Step 2: Foundation

Choose a foundation based on three things – the amount of coverage you want (heavy, thin, natural), the end result you want (matte, dewy, light) and of course, the colour.  Apply foundation with a brush starting from the inside of the face and working out.  Use light strokes, particularly around the eye area and don’t apply on the eyelids.  In the class, we used Lancome’s new Teint Miracle, a lightweight but great coverage foundation.

Step 3: Concealer

You should have two concealers in your makeup tool kit – one illuminating and one covering.  The illuminating one should be used under the eyes to cover darkness and instantly make you seem like you’ve had eight hours sleep, even if you’ve only had three! The covering concealer is good to cover blemishes and pinky pigment (i.e. around the nostrils).  Done?  Holy shit, you look amazing!

Step 4: Setting powder

A powder will hold your base in place for the whole day.  Use a translucent or light coverage powder to keep the look in place.  We like Laura Mercier pressed translucent powder.

Step 5: Eye Base

This is the step so many people miss!  It’s important to put an eye base all over your lid and brow bone (basically anywhere you’ll apply shadow) to make any colour you put on top last.  We love Laura Mercier’s Eye Basics, which we dot on and then spread with a concealer brush.

Step 6: Eye shadow

There should be at least two colours of shadow used every time you do your face – the colour and then one shadow a lighter shade than your skin tone to highlight your brow bone.  Apply a flat brush to your colour and then wiggle to get the most pigmentation on the brush.  Then, press it onto your eye to get the most colour onto your eye lid.  Brush the highlighting colour over your brow bone.  Take off any excess from your brush and then blend the two on your crease line using little feathery strokes.

Step 7: Eye liner

Be brave – liner doesn’t have to be black!  Softer colours like burgundy and brown make eyes pop so give them a try.  Create a pointed ‘V’ shape on your outer eye corners and blend with a cotton tip dipped in a matching eye shadow colour.  This will help the colour still pop and set rather than just wiping the shadow away.

Step 8:  Mascara

Again, try colours other than black.  I love brown for day as it’s not too heavy.  Dip your brush, wipe the tip (so you don’t call spillages) and then apply, squiggle the lashes as you pull the brush from base to top.  This will separate and coat each and every lash.

Step 9: Highlight

Apply a light colour in the inner corner of your eye to make your eyes pop and fake the ‘wide-awake’ look.


Step 10: Eyebrows

Using a sharp eye brow pencil, flick little hairs in between your natural brow hairs to create definition in your brows, leaving the first sparse area of the brow.  The perfect brow line is definable from the nostril.  Hold your pencil horizontal from your nostril, this is where your brows should start.  Next, hold it to the outer corner of your iris, this is where your brows should arch.  Lastly, hold it to the outer corner of your eye, this is where your brow should end.  Too easy!

Step 11: Blush

Create a teardrop shape with your blush to show where you naturally blush.  Smile in the mirror, then apply your blush colour to the apple of your cheek, blending upwards toward your temple.

Step 12: Lips

Line lips with a lip liner and then fill them in.  This allows for the colour to last once your lip gloss has disappeared.  Next, apply your lip gloss, smooch together and then reapply if necessary.

Step 13: Bronzer

Apply bronzer for definition and a little extra glow.  You can apply it a little over your blush, then under your jaw line to create definition.  A little goes a long way, so be gentle!

Becca Primer:
See more of: BECCA products

Lancome Foundation:
See more of: Lancome

Find Concealers suitable for your skin:

Illuminating Concealer

Covering Concealer

Laura Mercier pressed translucent powder:

See more of:  Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Eye Basic:

Find nude color eyeshadows

Eyeliner of your choice.

Mascara to “open” your eyes.

Find Eyebrow Pencil that matches your eyebrow colour.

Perfect Blush

Lipliner and Lip Gloss

Bronzer makeup

More post to follow…


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  1. RiverCityFashion
    Jun 21, 2012 @ 14:21:00

    This is great advice, but it’s a lot if makeup for summer… I’ll do my Laura Mercier tinted primer, then mix a tinted moisturizer with my moisturizer, a little eyeliner (waterline only, top lid only), black mascara (I have really dark eyes, colors look silly on me), then my Josie Maran argan oil stick for lips and cheeks. Sometimes a light gold eyeshadow and highlighter. And often I skip the primer, liner, shadow and lip color… But rarely blush.


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