Norwegian Blue

Having a “Norwegian summer” this year is not all that bad, I discovered. I got an amazing experience ( through my perspective that is ) during my trip with my family to a place here in Norway called “Landbruksskole” ( agricultural school ) in Ås. I got fascinated by the sky – the cloud formations and the mesmerizing colour contrast of the “Norwegian blue sky” and the white clouds.

I remember one of my art teachers has told us about an artist, a painter, who painted a painting with blue sky and nobody would believe that the sky could be so blue. This made me want to share these photos I’ve taken on that day.

I know that these photos will not be able to give the same impression as to see the sky in its wholeness. But they would at least give some ideas…..

The day started relatively summer-ish … The sun was shining and it was a delightful day – not that hot.

We walked towards the museum

and enjoyed feeding

the ducks

and the fishes

in the pond.

The birds flying above the water were nice to watch too.

Strolling away from the pond, that’s when I really took notice of the sky.

I simply had to take photos …

Not exactly good shots, but at least I managed to capture glimpse of that blue sky. For as you could see in the photo below, dark clouds started to cover the sky.

Right beside the building featured above, I spotted a couple of people riding horses.

They rode pass by me then I noticed this beautiful building I was standing in front of.

Here’s another details from a garden I walked across as I moved along to look for my family. They namely left me behind when I stopped to take some photos 🙂

Finally found them… Featured here are the three generations: grandfather, son & father.

The photo above was edited to show the faces better, otherwise it would have looked like this (hence the sky and the clouds).

Starting to get tired and the weather was not getting any better neither…

But it seems like my daughter didn’t care about anything else but to practice her biking skills 🙂

Raindrops started to fall…. time to head back to the car.

Got me some more minutes to take some shots while waiting for these three.

So… I took some…

I had to take some photos of myself too 🙂

Could not resist…. had to take a photo of my reflection 🙂


This door was old and beautiful. My reflection was just a bonus…Ha..ha..ha..

Just another detail from the building I was standing across.

Only few more steps to the parking lot… then I saw this.

It was getting even darker…

And the raindrops were dropping faster.

Time to say goodbye to this place….. but one last shot…

…then home… we go…


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  1. cheryl
    Jul 20, 2012 @ 21:11:03

    ^^*very nice!!!


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