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Sun is shinning beautifully in my part of Norway… Yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow too 🙂
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!!








Rain, rain go away…

It’s been raining a lot this summer here in Norway. And I can count all the days we had the sun shining to our faces and warming our skins and giving some lovely tan. Not much outdoor activities for me when it’s raining cats and dogs 😦

So far my family and I have managed to:

Visit Agricultural School in Ås (see more photos in my post  “Norwegian Blue” )

Wearing Denim by Vero Moda, very comfortable Skechers shoes and old Prada sunglasses that day.

Then one time the sun came shining beautifully in the middle of the day, so we decided to go canoeing

…with Farmor (father’s mother) and Besten (grandpa)…

and had a picnic around Rygge area.

“My Precious” pattering and enjoying the weather 🙂

Since I was the photographer, you only get to see my shadow here 🙂

me & my shadow

Days have passed by then finally … good news: sunny weather on the 17th !!! One of my brothers called me and we agreed to meet in Tusenfryd Amusement Park. We were so excited, aside from the nice weather (not clear blue sky though MUCH better than rain), it was my kids first trip to this park. And on my end, I would finally get to see the “new” rides. Believe it or not,  the last time I was in this park was during the first year it opened – which was decades ago…LOL…

Outfit of the day: Saint Tropez top, Gaultier jeans and Fendi sunglasses

Watched a bit of circus while relaxing…

Wearing my favourite Skechers

Playing with my cute 8 month old nephew.

with Adrian Matthews

I just stood and waited (quite long) to take some shots and video of these guys, but I had so much fun. Look at these facial expressions …. priceless… LOL

My mum, daughter, brother & son in “Tømmerstupet” (lumber plunge)

Time to go tracking for some adventure at “Eventyrstien” and stumble on some trolls…

with my daughter Camilla Alexandra

Getting ready to head home – the park closes at 7pm – but first, a ride in “Grandpa’s car”.

Virgo & Christian in “Bestefars bil”

Lastly, a commercial shoot with Stabburet leverpostei (lever pâté) … ha..ha…ha…

My brothers Virgo & Jeff, my daughter’s bunny and me & my son

What a marvelous day …. Moments definitely to be treasured 🙂

From an adventurous sunny day to a warm and serene trip… Last Thursday was the last time we enjoyed the sun – so far. We went to Jeløy and visited a place called Edith’s Garden.

photo taken by my daughter

It was a beautiful day for a stroll esp. in a place such as this. We ate cakes and pastries in their cozy café,

Alfred’s Café

had some ice cream in their garden and watched the kids play,

C.A.S.H. & the bunny

visited some galleries around the area …

A painting club house

and admired a vintage truck we found along the way.

Super Dexta vintage truck

We drove to a Hotel/Restaurant a few miles away to have an early dinner. A truly splendid place with delicious cuisine! They even got a Rolls Royce waiting for us to give us a tour around the area!!!

Refsnes Gods

That was of course just a joke 🙂 We didn’t reserve the RR.  It was only parked there coincidently so I could have a photo taken beside it … lol

RR & me

Perhaps the Fendi shades, Bulgari and Tiffany bracelets, necklace and ring from Briel might somehow go with Rolls Royce, but my Radcliffe dress, Skechers ballerina flats, Friis&Co. bag and fabulous looking bangles from a flea market absolutely didn’t. The photo was nice though..ha..ha..ha…

Refnes Garden

A little stroll in the garden after a delicious dinner, then it was time to go home. Indeed a delightful day, it was!!!

A bottle of wine, fruits and ice cream awaits us at home.

The summer season is not over yet. We still have a month – well so I hope, but I wish the rain would go away and come again some other day ’cause we certainly want more of these glorious days 🙂

A wonderful weekend to all …..

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