Beauty’s Simplicity

It was tremendously fascinating to see all those lovely people in their luxurious (in every way) dresses parading on the red carpet in Cannes Film Festival. But what enthralled me the most was a beauty not even wearing the most extravagant gown nor a magnificent make-up (or even make-over for that matter) ever can surmount… Namely, the simple beauty of none other than Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi!

photo courtesy of gotceleb

As a teenager, I was mesmerized by her mother, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Hereditary princess of Monaco.

Now, it’s her turn …

Well, looking at the photo of Princess Caroline here on the left, I would assume that no one would blame me! Charlotte is a spitting image of her mother – not only did she get her looks, but as well as her elegance.


Elegantly looking in this simple Gucci dress ….

courtesy by yahoo cinéma

Even from behind …

source Bauer Griffin

Less make-up … more smile …Wearing Cartier jewelleries, Gucci black clutch,And last but the sexiest … gold sandals

courtesy of yahoo cinéme

as a finishing touch to this whole glamour!


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