Red, White and Boom!

My 4th of July celebration was hosted by a dear friend in her flat.

Our Hostess

She invited a lot of friends and arranged a garden party for that day – since it’s summer time, and all.

Our Host – photo by Lino Vasquez, Edited by yours truly

But the thing about summer in Norway is that, you can’t really predict how the weather would be.

The Entertainer – photo by Mio Reyes

We were not that lucky with the weather, so we ended up squeezing ourselves          ( that’s 40 people ) in her 72 sqm flat – and that people, includes the balcony!

There was one thing this party reminded me of from my experience as a party-goer, which was a huge part of my life during my younger years ( since it was actually a part of my job ) that …

Fashion Concious Ladies

No matter where you are and how small the place you are in, it doesn’t really matter at all as long as you are with friends! Good food and good company is more precious than being in a party somewhere luxurious, with fancy food and drinks, and accompanied by pompous so-called friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July 🙂

Photos courtesy of Mio Reyes Photography, Lino Vasquez and some are taken by me. All graphics are by yours truly 🙂


Me and the Night

This last post about the Caribbean Night event is all about me 🙂

I was planning on dressing up in a colourful dress and a headgear full of feathers but ended up putting on something simpler so it would be easier for me to move around since I was going to take photos. This was the result:

Photo taken by Numer Exconde

An old paisley kaftan of mine by Maldita, dark blue-green midrib top underneath by Top Shop, orange trousers by H&M, Marni wedges, colourful bangles and bracelets in fuschia pink, cobalt blue, green and orange, and last but not the least, an earring in peacock feathers.

Graphics by yours truly

Lucky me, Numer Exconde managed to take some photos of me before the guests arrived.

Fashion Designer Numer Exconde
Photo & Graphics by yours truly

I had a blast that night. It was fun to watch the people around me having such a good time. But I must say, it was a bit tiring too….. or perhaps it was just me who’s getting old … LOL … 🙂

At the end of the day, I got to take the stage …. just for me to be taken photos of and nothing else, that was 🙂

Mio Reyes Photography

With Fashion Designer Numer Exconde

Mio Reyes Photography

Exhausted by the event (photo below was taken around midnight), I simply had to take a seat and relax my legs and feet 🙂

Here with Mio Reyes. Photo courtesy of Mr. Lino Vasquez

Although the event took a lot of energy out of me, I would very much like to be a part of such event, STILL 🙂

Have a nice weekend people!

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