Jada Pinkett Smith’s Natural Beauty

The second look from my post “Flawless Summer Look” featured the beautiful actress Jada Pinkett Smith for Uptown Magazine.

This is how makeup artist Steven Aturo for MargaretMaldonado.com  did it:

He started with Dermalogica skin care.

Begin with hydrating mist,

apply active moist moisturizer

and age reversal eye cream

Then he used M.A.C. cosmetics:

NW45 Liquid Foundation

NW42 MAC concealer

NC45 Face Powder

See more MAC face powder

“Honesty eyeshadow applied over entire lid. Brule eyeshadow applied to brow bone. Shadowy Lady eyeshadow applied thinly to upper lash line and outer corners on the bottom lash line. Sweep Peaches blush from the apple of the cheeks working outward toward the cheekbone. Cremola automatic lip liner and Velvet Teddy matte lipstick.”

Honesty Eyeshadow

Brule Eyeshadow

Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow

MAC blush

Creamola Lip Liner

Velvet Teddy Lipstick



More Post to follow


Flawless Summer LOOK

I’m not good in putting makeup. So for me to be able to create a good look takes a lot of time and effort – esp. with my face 🙂 It would take serious skills to make me beautiful … L.O.L. …

What I find the hardest is to create a flawless natural look which simply enhances the face without looking “all done”.

I found 3 articles, so far, about tips and tricks on how to create Natural Looks. Now I’m going to follow their advices and see which ones work for me.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos of looks I’m dying to have!

Get Beautiful In No Time


Featured photo is courtesy of Chanel.

My goal this week is to share you some makeup & beauty tips from respected makeup artists. I’ll be posting the details about these photos next week. So stay tuned …..

Warning: pls. do try this at home 🙂


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