OSLO Fashion Week August 2012

OFW February 2012

Oslo Fashion Week starts tomorrow. I’m not that keen on going though because I don’t have much reason to be there. It is so unfortunate (on my point of view, anyway) that there aren’t many designers who’d be participating this timešŸ˜¦

Here is the schedule for the whole week

After speaking with a fashion enthusiast and makeup artist friend, I’m actually considering on flying to Stockholm for their fashion week! Although they are concentrating on RTW this time, I think it would be more to my satisfaction being therešŸ™‚

Here’s their Public Event

For their schedule for the whole week, pls. click here to Ā visit Ā SFW Ā site

It’s not a loyal thing to do being a Norwegian and all but ….

It’s a pity really, when I know that there’s a lot of good designers here in Norway….. but there’s a lot of obstructions (as far as I’ve heard) for OFW to function as I hope and truly wish it would….. sigh….

Wishing Oslo Fashion Week the best of luck!!!

Anyways, you could catch some fashion stuff on some trade fairs happening in Norway during this month of August

Hope you all had a geelicious weekend ….. Stay fashionablešŸ™‚

Summer Lovin

Sun is shinning beautifully in my part of Norway… Yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow toošŸ™‚
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!!








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